There's more to college than class.

ClubConnect makes it easy to get involved and engaged in campus life by centralizing and simplifying club communication and management.

Involvement Fair




What is ClubConnect?

A Year-Round Involvement Fair

The Problem

Discovering clubs can be hard. Involvement fairs help, but they happen rarely and can be overwhelming.

Our Solution

ClubConnect offers an up-to-date club database that you can filter and search through. Each club has their own personalized club page, just like a booth at an involvement fair.

A Communication Hub

The Problem

Club communication is scattered across social media, email, and messaging services.

Our Solution

ClubConnect puts all of your club communication in one place to keep you organized and connected to campus life.

An Engagement Tracker

The Problem

Club leaders often find it difficult to manage engagement among their members.

Our Solution

ClubConnect puts club applications, attendance forms, polls, and member retention data all in one place with easy-to-understand visualizations.

An Administrator HQ

The Problem

It can be difficult for club leaders to stay in touch with university administration about club budgeting and funding.

Our Solution

We streamline communication between students and administrators so that club finances are made easy.

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